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#42: As a child, were you taught a scarcity mindset?


Steering public policy through the White House and Congress may help future generations of American children be better-educated on finance.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:


02:18  You’re working 8+ hours a day for a job you’re not passionate about. Why not at least plan an escape hatch?


06:17  Did your parents tell you “Money doesn’t grow on trees” and “Who do you think we are, the Rockefellers?” Instead, Sharon reveals more constructive phrases.


08:32  As a child, did you learn to “save money” or “invest money?”


11:05  “Live below your means” reinforces a scarce mindset.


16:00  How to teach children about businesses.


17:33  Sharon Lechter on the value of a college education today.


24:50  Which President - Obama or Bush - would be more likely to calculate an apartment building cap rate? Sharon picks one!


25:11  Sharon on the power of real estate investing.


28:09  Sharon’s work with “Think and Grow Rich.”


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Sharon’s resources: | Think and Grow Rich for Women | Board game: Thrive Time For Teens | |  


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