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The ideal inflation rate is zero just like the ideal theft rate is zero.

When lower inflation (7.7%) was recently reported, mortgage rates experienced a record daily drop.

I detail the implosion of crypto exchange, FTX. It was a Ponzi scheme. 2022 is the 2008 of crypto.

Garrett Sutton and his son, Ted Sutton, announce the father-son succession plan. They are attorneys that help protect your real estate from lawsuits at Corporate Direct.

Ted’s experience at a Chilean copper mine helped make him pivot from a mining engineering track and into law.

RE investors have three main lines of defense: 1) Ethical operations. 2) Insurance. 3) LLC.

Learn how to properly form and maintain an LLC.

Don’t try to win a lawsuit. Avoid it in the first place.

Learn why landlords get sued today.

Corporate Direct provides free 15-minute consultations.

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