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What happens when a real estate investment goes sideways? 

An international business was impacted—Panama coffee farms.

The pandemic disrupted coffee supply chains and labor. Erratic weather affected crop yields.

It’s been about four years since we’ve discussed this on the show. 

The Panamanian government shut down many businesses. There was little or no government assistance for idled workers. 

The co-founder explains Panama coffee problems and opportunities.

Learn why the coffee parcel deed issuance has been slow for investors.

There’s a new distribution partner going forward, named Typica. They help sell the coffee.

This is all high-end, specialty coffee, like the geisha variety.

Coffee farm parcels are in the volcanic soil highlands of western Panama, near Boquete. It’s shade-grown.

The provider has acquired their 12th coffee farm. If you’d like to learn more about the investment, start at

There are upcoming group tours in March and May.

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