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Learn my new outlook for 2023 and 2024 home prices.

First, I follow up on my real estate prediction of 9%-10% appreciation for last year. You learn exactly how I performed.

Why aren’t real estate prices expected to rise or fall substantially in the near future?

Affordability is an upside constraint to home price growth. Low supply protects against a substantial price downside. 

So many have wrongly predicted a recession by now. (I have never said any such thing.) The latest GDP and jobs numbers beat expectations, frustrating gloom-and-doomers.

It’s even possible that the Fed engineers a “soft landing”.

Not all is well. 64% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck. America has galactic-sized debt. We have a labor shortage. Inflation is still high.

Mortgage rates have hit a five month low, now near 6%.

There are three ways you can save thousands of dollars in today’s real estate market.

1 - Many sellers are crediting income property buyers 2% of the purchase price at the closing table. You can use this to buy down your interest rate.

2 - Free property management for up to 2 years.

3 - Rent guarantee. This means that if your property is vacant, the seller pays rent until the property is occupied.

The third one above is the only one expected to last long-term.

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Hayden Crabtree, founder of My Property Stats joins me. 

His real estate deal analysis software helps you organize your existing real estate portfolio and analyze future deals.

He’s also a successful author and specializes in RV & boat storage properties.

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