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The world’s most powerful nation can’t even house its own people. Keith Weinhold discusses housing shortage problems and solutions.

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We discuss: international RE investing, accumulated dead equity, portfolio loans, declining LTVs, rising insurance premiums, and regional markets.

Aundrea can help you with properties nationwide. We discuss Southeast Georgia and the Intermountain West.

Southeast Georgia has strong cash flow. We discuss mid-term rentals (MTRs) in the area. Many are single-families under $200K.

MTRs are furnished and the owner pays the utilities.

In LTRs, a 1% rent-to-price ratio is possible.

The Intermountain West features new-build duplexes to fourplexes in fast-growth Utah. 

These are better for long-term appreciation and inflation-profiting. Often, you get built-in equity. Fourplexes prices are $970K.

Aundrea’s coaching makes it easy for you. She’ll learn your goals. If you prefer, she’ll help you: run the property numbers, write your offer, negotiate inspection and appraisal, manage your property, and help you through closing.   

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