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Why is gold even worth anything in today’s modern world? Isn’t it just a lump of metal? 

In fact, I tell today’s guest that I believe gold is a poor wealth creation vehicle.

Our guest is Dana Samuelson, Founder and Owner of American Gold Exchange. He’s one of the most influential, pedigreed and respected names in the gold industry.

Major central banks have been hoarding gold recently—like Russia and China. Last year, central banks bought the most gold on record. We discuss why.

A recent survey found that only 11% of Americans own gold.

The case for owning gold: no counterparty risk, millennia of value, liquidity, limited supply, it’s like “money insurance”.

The case against gold: storage burden, no yield, few industrial applications, difficult to lever.

Though gold is historically a poor wealth *creation* vehicle, it’s excellent for long-term wealth *storage*. Dana generally agrees with me there.

Most gold that’s been mined in world history still exists today.

Learn how to identify fake gold. 

Dana discusses how you can store your gold.

You effectively pay “closing costs” on bullion. I describe.

We also quickly cover: silver, platinum, and palladium.

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