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#49: Your ramifications from U.S. home ownership plummeting to Its lowest rate in 48 years.


Current trends: latest home price appreciation rate, rental vacancy rate, and how you can profit.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:


02:50  Upcoming Memphis real estate market visit.


04:57  The U.S. home ownership rate has plummeted to a 48-year-low of 63.4%.


06:25  Four reasons that economic forces will drive the home ownership rate even lower in the future.


09:48  U.S. median home price is now $229,400. That’s up 8% year-over-year.


11:42  Why renters stay renters, not buyers.


13:12  San Francisco.


19:58  If real estate values go down, do rents go down?


23:19  Transcending the investor psychology of markets and crowds.


25:21  Stringent lending standards means your renter can’t get a loan.


27:30  Matt Bowles appearance on the Kansas City market.


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