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#53: Your income and cash flow tell you about yourself and your allocation.

What proportions are active, earned, and passive income? Where are you vulnerable?

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:45  Most people’s #1 cash flow source is their work-a-day job. But they’re trading their time for dollars.

04:02  Here’s how to best determine your cash flow. Cash flow is simply income minus expenses.

05:54  Current U.S. median household income, Top 10%, and Top 1%.

10:02  You need cash to function in an economy, not equity.

11:32  How you can have a negative net worth, yet be financially free.

15:25  Trace your personal cash flow to different industry sectors.

22:04  “Budget” is almost a swear word.

25:07  Turning equity into cash flow.

28:14  “Retirement calculators” don’t work for real estate investors.

32:12  The Outsourcing Myth.

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