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#58: What is “seller financing” of real estate? Why might you want to use it?

David Campbell of Hassle-Free Cash Flow Investing is our guest today.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:14  Keith is in coastal San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua today.

05:18  What is seller financing?

08:06  Why use seller financing?

10:08  Examples of creatively structuring a purchase offer with seller financing.

13:42  When a buyer needs to educate a seller. Hint: talk about the “benefits” to motivate the seller.

21:07  Other names for seller financing are: seller carry, carry-back financing, “subject to,” “carrying paper.”

21:58  The Due-On-Sale Clause.

23:53  What part of the market cycle does seller-financing work best in?

27:58  How do you FIND a seller-financed deal

28:49  Drawing up documents for a seller-financed contract. Use a Letter Of Intent.

30:46  Risks with this technique.

31:58  When you sell your own property, why you should offer seller financing.

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