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#62: Rich Dad Advisor and Provision Wealth Founder Tom Wheelwright updates you about recent tax changes; provides tips for avoiding and dealing with an audit; and how to make your travel, meals and entertainment tax-deductible.

Keith brings you the show from Juneau, Alaska today.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:35  Actually, the U.S. has the best tax compliance record in the world.

06:02  Now you can lose your passport for tax non-compliance!

09:25  During audits, the IRS is becoming more difficult & invasive.

14:00  Tips to help avoid an audit. It includes: call the deduction “continuing education” rather than a “seminar.”

17:37  Why you should never talk to the IRS.

20:45  Tax actions you can take now: 1) Pay your children, 2) Home office, 3) Automobile use. 4) Accelerate income.

27:30  Making your travel, meal, and entertainment expenses tax-deductible.

34:18  “Low-hanging fruit” ways to save on your taxes.

35:32  Tom believes in focusing on an investment niche. “A niche makes you rich.”

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