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#66: Learn some broad approaches to getting more money for a down payment so that you can buy income property sooner.

Keith also looks at methods of acquiring passive income other than real estate investing.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:14  Real estate can build massive passive income - this is buy-and-hold real estate, not flipping or wholesaling.

03:36  Why you need to buy time, not sell time.

07:34  Focus on increasing income, not cutting expenses.

10:00  How to approach the classic “time vs. money” conundrum.

12:04  Here’s how much the average American investor lost last year.

15:28  Keith is adamant that we still have inflation today.

16:28  Here’s how wealthy people choose their friends.

24:51  The next episode features an Atlanta Market Profile.

26:28  “How To Win Friends and Influence People”

32:12  Your network determines your net worth. Mastermind groups.

33:09  This is what broke people (broke mindsets) say.

34:03  Want to accumulate liquidity faster? Don’t get a part-time job. Do this instead.

35:58  Passive income from real estate versus: patent royalties, trademarks, original works of art, stock dividends, etc.

37:40  When you were a kid, your parents never told you, “Don’t be broke.”


How To Win Friends and Influence People” - The classic Dale Carnegie self-help book

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