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#69: Kathy Fettke chats with Keith about what’s happening to real estate and investing in today’s economy.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:14  Keith’s properties were shaken by a magnitude 7.1 earthquake.

05:18  Kathy Fettke relates the 2008 recession to what’s happening today.

11:58  Tame inflation today.

14:01  Is a U.S. recession coming?

15:55  Demographic shifts.

20:25  Rental boom, followed by a housing boom.

24:10  Stock market crash prediction.

26:06  Farcical job growth.

27:56  Fed Rate hikes are nonsense in this economy.

29:54  Where’s the best place to park your money?

34:23  Best geographic areas for RE investing.

37:48  “San Francisco is going to get hammered.”

38:23  Single family home investing.

42:20  International Coffee Farms - A cash-flowing, hard asset uncorrelated with U.S. markets.

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