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#70: Our guest teaches real estate investment analysis to graduate students at Columbia University.

He wrote the popular book “What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know About Cash Flow.” His new video-based course is found at:

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:46  Novice investors have awful reasons for why they own rental property.

03:48  Assume that a seller pro forma is a lie.

04:17  Frank Gallinelli interview.

05:28  In RE investing, pretty buildings hardly matter.

10:52  How you evaluate a RE investment’s worthiness.

13:20  Your property is only fourth in importance to you.

14:12  Your income stream.

17:20  Emotions have no place in income property investing.

18:09  Lease structures influence on property values.

20:18  Common mistakes made by novice investors.

24:22  Snow removal, bookkeeping, HVAC maintenance.

28:28  Time value of money.

30:52  How much to offer for an income property.

33:25  Due diligence outside the raw numbers.

36:05  Projecting future property value.

39:45  Why are cap rates different across the U.S.?

43:05  Software to help investors make projections.

Resources: - Real Estate Investment Software by Frank Gallinelli - Video-based course by Frank Gallinelli

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