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#76: Your #1 investment is your own education. Discover how to retain more of what you learn as an investor.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:10  People will pay you 30% of their income to live somewhere.

04:38  Affordability will be a problem for future renters.

06:14  Robert Kiyosaki.

07:55  Cone Of Learning.

10:20  A brand new way for you to learn.

11:50  You need to get on the coin’s edge.

13:20  Why you need information, not mere affirmation.  

15:37  Keith just did something many would consider crazy.

17:45  Be the worst investor in the room.

18:24  Jim Rickards’ interest rate prediction.

19:40  Self-directed IRAs.

21:39  Tom Hopkins: Why you need to be a master asker.

24:06  Why agricultural RE investing is a great opportunity.

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