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#84: Robert Kiyosaki is our guest today. He tells us about his friendship with Donald Trump, why he’s buying oil, discusses the four types of intelligence, and tells us about his long-predicted Economic Crash.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:24  Kiyosaki has influenced Keith’s investing thoughts more than anyone else.

04:17  A 401(k) is not a good investment. Why not? It doesn’t pay you. You pay it.

06:46  The words you use help define the life you live. Examples: “cash flow” vs. “budget” and “saving money” vs. “getting liquid.”

09:54  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” meaning, and global reach.

19:36  What Kiyosaki learned from Donald Trump.

22:04  Four types of intelligence: IQ, EQ, PQ, SQ.

24:25  Savers are losers. Why would you save money?

25:24  Economic Crash of 2016?

27:54  Robert has lost money in business, but not in real estate.

30:05  How to invest $100,000 today.

33:38  Kiyosaki is buying oil.

36:50  Giving to others.

38:00  Good Debt vs. Bad Debt. Fiscal vs. Economic.

40:38  Studying and learning leads to winning at investing.

42:09  QE, Inflation, and Gold.

46:53  Interview recap.

48:21  Instead of saying “It Can’t Be Done,” ask “How Can It Be Done?”

51:09  Don’t live below your means, expand your means.


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