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#87: This clever technique can significantly boost your cash flow in your existing buy-and-hold real estate portfolio.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:48  To become wealthy with real estate, you don’t need any formal education or family connections.

05:09  With turnkey real estate investing over the long-term, you get: good returns, more control, less hassle.

07:18  A question about the 1% rent-to-value ratio from a Chicago listener.

12:31  How to use “lifestyle” real estate to help your “long-term buy-and-hold” real estate.

14:00  How to market this clever technique.

16:09  Benefits: better tenants, better occupancy, timely rent payments.

18:36  Vacation rentals in the U.S. vs. outside the U.S.

22:00  Management and maintenance structure of vacation rentals.

26:28  This technique can make your vacation rentals more successful too.

30:55  Foreign property ownership structure.

33:10  Interpreting foreign property contracts.

34:35  Governments cracking down on weekly rentals.

35:43  Your vacation rentals should be bought so that they would cash-flow as long-term buy-and-holds.

36:33  Diversification.

38:47  Do this yourself, or Kira Golden can help you get started:


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