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#89: Little Rock, Arkansas is the capital of what some have called “The Most Landlord-Friendly State in the U.S.”

Brian Teeter and Jeremy Veldman from tell us about the market drivers, management, and properties.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:48  Keith made a field trip to investigate the Little Rock, AR income property market.

09:14  Market drivers - medical, finance, capital city, population growth, low cost of living, short commutes. High economic diversity.

13:47  Kiplinger’s recently rated Little Rock as the #1 Place To Live.

15:05  Employment, job growth, population growth.

16:32  Is Arkansas the most landlord-friendly state in the U.S.? 21-day eviction.

17:53  Provider’s buying criteria: neighborhood, desirable amenities, safety, property age.

21:04  Better areas, better finishes, better tenants = better investments.

21:52  Price point often $85K - $100K. Rent-to-value ratio.

23:33  Appreciation rate.

26:18  Character of renters.

30:16  Management structure.

31:45  Tenant qualification.

34:12  Extent of turnkey renovations: often new roof, HVAC and water heater. HW floor, LVP, vanities, bathrooms, etc.

40:03  Warranties. Not many Section 8 tenants in their portfolio.

43:52  Little Rock Turnkey offers tours.

44:33 | (501) 951-7100 |

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