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#90: Harry Dent is our guest today. His fantastic predictions - like the Dow Jones cratering to 6,000 by early next year - get noticed because the depth of his research is so extensive.

Harry authored the popular book “The Demographic Cliff.”

Learn what Harry thinks about demographics, markets, and cash-flowing real estate in the turmoil ahead.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

04:11  Why it is more difficult than ever to make economic predictions today.  

06:06  Stock markets are overvalued and due for a fall.

07:40  Demographics are powerful in making predictions.

08:03  Money printing.

09:50  Dow Jones Industrial Average to 6,000 by early next year?

11:45  Renting property for positive cash flow.

13:27  Vacancy rates - U.S., China.

14:33  Real estate bubble? What do you do?

16:08  Predictions: Real Estate vs. Stocks.

17:30  Demographics’ historic influence on real estate.

20:58  The two reasons for buying real estate today.

24:00  More people are renting homes rather than buying homes.

29:34  How bad will the economic crash get?

33:25  Don’t keep money in the bank or gold, but in this surprising place!

37:43  Gold to $700 an ounce in the next few years? $400?

39:28  The Demographic Cliff.

42:30  Can technology save us from an economic crash?



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