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#91: While a rich man digs for gold, a poor man is concerned with the cost of a shovel.

Learn how to think like a wealthy person, and make it actionable.

Learn what Keith did during his typical week. Doing this yourself will build your wealth.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:50  Most financial advice is flawed and limiting.

04:14  Are you living your dreams or living your fears?

06:50  Delayed gratification.

09:00  401(k)-type contributions crush your current lifestyle. So what’s the answer?

12:38  Why would anyone contribute to a 401(k)?

15:13  Here’s exactly what Keith did this week himself that can build your wealth.

18:17  Actionable step on how to increase your property’s cash flow. (Loss runs.)

24:54  Keith applied for a 100% loan-to-value HELOC on his own home. He wants every last penny of equity pulled out of his home. Here’s why.

30:42  Refusing a REIT advertisement.

31:57  A smart GRE listener has these two great questions for Keith: reserves, cutting expenses, living below your means.

38:35  A new way to think about real estate problems.  

40:04  Looking for turnkey income property? Do this.


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