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#94: Self-Directed IRAs and Checkbook IRAs potentially enable you to invest your IRA funds into income real estate, coffee farms, a vacation home, gold, a business, and more.

But there are rules to follow.

Today’s guest made an educational video to help you learn about this:

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:52  Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) doesn’t have to be invested in mutual funds.

03:47  Even if you don’t own an IRA, you want to know this in case you aggregate other investors’ money.

05:20  Right after college, Keith admits he actually used to think it was smart to invest in 401(k)s and IRAs. Once enlightened, he tore it down.

07:23  Keith tells you who his Self-Directed IRA custodian is.

12:52  Mauricio Rauld Interview.

14:27  What is a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)?

16:17  With a SDIRA, what can you invest in? What’s prohibited?

20:08  Checkbook IRAs.

21:40  What a custodian does. What your limitations are.

24:28  Liquidity - how fast can you use your IRA funds?

25:42  Planning. It’s often best to fund your SDIRA with one larger lump sum.

27:11  Real estate leverage and a SDIRA.

29:53  LLC protection with Checkbook IRAs.

31:05  One option is to just dismantle your IRA.

32:40  Traditional vs. Roth IRAs.

35:00  How you actually set up a SDIRA / Checkbook IRA.


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