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#99: Income property investors’ most commonly asked mortgage questions are answered by Ridge Lending Group President and CEO Caeli Ridge.

There’s a lot of good news - the lending environment is loosening.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:39  This episode is about conventional financing of income property.

02:58  Next week’s milestone Episode 100 will be special.

04:57  Caeli Ridge interview begins.

07:54  Seasoning of funds. Gift funds.

10:27  Reserve requirements. 60% of your retirement funds qualify for reserves.

13:37  LLCs. Married couples.

15:10  How wife & husband can get 20 conventional loans.

17:17  Cash-out refinances: two types - standard and delayed.

26:05  DTI - Debt-To-Income Ratio. 50% maximum.

28:00  How your DTI changes when you add a rental property.

31:23  Credit score.

33:39  How the mortgage lending industry is loosening, not tightening.

34:25  It’s now up to 80% LTV for your first ten financed single-family income properties.


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