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#3: You are delivered some of the best moments and most actionable content from the 40th New Orleans Investment Conference, billed as “The Investment Event Of The Decade”. 

The conference featured luminaries on the speaker marquis including Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, prominent columnist Charles Krauthammer, one of the world’s greatest living economists in Mark Skousen, incomparable economist and author Peter Schiff, and financial research guru Porter Stansberry. 

You are provided information and ideas on specific investments that Keith learned about directly. 

In the show’s second segment, you learn how real estate investing is only one part of real ASSET investing. Real estate investing is about more than apartment buildings. Real asset investing is aboutmore than real estate. 

You learn about why gold and other precious metals have value. 

Your compelling “why” is answered with regard to the advantages of investing in something real vs. investing in a mere derivative of something real. 

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