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#39: Josh & Lisa Lannon weathered adversity and came out the other side to serve more people by doing the right thing.


Listen to this weeks show and learn:


01:02  What’s your inner investor purpose?


06:40  Grow up, get good grades, go to college & get a job that you don’t like so you can pay your debts. Is that all?


07:43  The Lannons met at a Las Vegas nightclub.


09:54  Lisa issued Josh an ultimatum. Josh had to stay sober to keep their marriage, sending Josh into the unknown.


14:33  After healing themselves and reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Choose To Be Rich”, the Lannons opened rehab centers to help others.


17:35  When it comes to finding your business teammates, you will attract what you are.


19:27  The Lannons’ real estate business.


22:42  The B-I Triangle symbolizes the 8 integrities of business. It also guides mission, vision, and values.


23:00  If you’re inside the triangle, you’re working “in” your business.

If you’re outside the triangle, you’re working “on” your business.


27:14  Values vs. Competency.


29:49  Though every Rich Dad Advisor book is terrific, why Keith recommends reading The Social Capitalist first.


31:28  A Social Capitalist does good in the world AND profits.


Resources mentioned: - See the "Creating A Rich Life" program.


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