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#12: You sell yourself everyday. The World’s #1 Sales Trainer, Tom Hopkins, tells you how to sell - whether it’s selling a piece of real estate, being promoted at your job, or selling an idea to your spouse. Make your life and business explode with these ideas.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:05  Tom Hopkins interview begins.

03:22  How Tom sold 365 homes in 365 days.

04:20  Is one “born to sell” or if can it be a learned skill? What’s better for sales - introvert or extrovert?

07:47  The seven fundamentals of Selling: Prospecting, Initial Contact, Qualification, Presenting, Handling Objections, Closing The Sale, Referrals.

11:32  The best strategy for more referrals, which are where most of your sales come from!

13:03  How to overcome buyer objections, including when one says, “I want to shop around”.

15:48  The vital importance of passion.

20:23  How to overcome being told “no”. Why the world’s wealthiest people “have no guarantees”.

26:24  Words you must avoid when selling, and the million dollars phrases to use to increase sales.

32:25  How to close the sale by building “yes momentum”.

36:04  What advice Tom has for a young investing enthusiast today.


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