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#29: Don Hobbs of “The One Thing” speaking tour tells us how to create more time and happiness in our lives.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:33  Listener feedback. They’re acting toward changing their lives.

06:06  Turnkey real estate investing.

11:03  Don Hobbs interview begins.  

13:03  What is “The One Thing” that you do that will make everything else in your life easier?

16:05  Aspire to your best-and-highest use.

17:12  “The Domino Principle” optimizes your efficiency.

20:20  Multi-Tasking is a waste!

21:44  Time Blocking.


Resources mentioned:

The One Thing live training webinars

The One Thing – book    

International Coffee Farms – cash-flowing coffee farms where you own the land

Jim Rohn

Kassandra Taggart Boltman’s book

Mid South Home Buyers – Memphis turnkey property

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