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#31: Mortgage interest rates are just one of many influences on real estate values and rent income.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:28  Get Rich Education vs. College Education.

03:58  The rate of home ownership has declined over the last decade. This is good for income property investors.

06:03  The irony that the greatest investment asset – real estate - is ubiquitous.

08:55  Other people’s money.

11:30  How are 25% to 30%+ annual rates of return with investment real estate considered common?

16:28  Some U.S. real estate advantages compared with Canada.

18:42  What will higher mortgage rates do to housing prices?

21:24  Housing price-to-income ratios in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia.

23:11  What makes renters keep renting rather than be homeowners.

29:43  Why it’s better to invest in residential - rather than retail, office, industrial, and other types of real estate.


Resources mentioned:

Mortgage News Daily – Keith’s favorite mortgage resource – A great housing price indicator resource

International Coffee Farms website For a generous discount on this investment, E-mail your contact info. to 

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