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#34: Author, Investor, and Entrepreneur Gena Lofton transformed her life from homeless in southcentral Los Angeles to owning 2,000 rental units today.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:12  What the concept of “Sending the elevator back down” means.

10:55  One wealth-building element is being a contrarian.

13:34  Gena didn’t have a “Rich Dad” or a “Poor Dad.”

15:45  The value in Gena’s book is its beautiful simplicity.

16:41  How to know when your “why” is strong enough.

20:24  The “genie” inside of us.

21:14  How Gena gets rich with debt.


Resources mentioned:

Book - Escape The Madness: 10 Steps To Get Out Of The Rat Race – Gena’s website

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