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#68: Seth Williams of The Lighter Side Of Real Estate and Bigger Pockets joins Keith to tell you about the best websites & apps for real estate investing, wealth building, and productivity.

Seth's website is

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:10  You’ll experience bumps on the path toward where you want to be.

04:00  Seth Williams joins Keith.

08:05  Some investor thoughts on the Grand Rapids, Michigan real estate market.

12:27  Some of Seth’s favorite investor resources.    

28:55  Some of Keith’s favorite investor resources.

35:38  Real estate intersects with so many other disciples, that there’s no single “go to” resource.

Resources: - Seth Williams’ investor resources. - Send video messages. - Generate lists of motivated sellers.

Google Earth - Global maps & aerial photos.

Zillow - Residential property info. and pricing. - Hire people to look at your more distant properties. - Generate a quality Logo quickly & inexpensively, - Legal forms and property rental forms. State-specific.

RingCentral app - Dedicated phone number for your business - calls, texts, faxes. Free.

Pro HDR app  - App for beautiful photography. Costs $1.99.

HomeClick - Property improvement hardware.

Landlordology - Rental advice, tips, resources.

Lighter Side of Real Estate - Laugh a little! and - Economic and real estate market research. - Market research specifically geared to RE investors. Monthly fee.

HomeSnap app - Take a photo of the outside of a home, see photos of the inside of a home!

Property Tracker app - Real estate market and demographic detail.

Property Evaluator app - Do a quick APOD or P&L in under five minutes. See how the property cash flow.

Landlord app - Property management on-the-go.

DocuSign - Send & sign documents remotely. - Commercial real estate searches, includes some residential.

Dropbox - Slick, easy file-sharing app.

Mortgage Calculator app - Estimate monthly mortgage payments. - Share & compare yours’ and others’ portfolios.

Kitco app - Slick app for up-to-the minute precious metals price charts. - Another minute-by-minute precious metals pricing source. - Cash-Flowing Panama Coffee Farm parcels where you own the land. or call (800) 611-3060. Your Premier Source for Nationwide Turnkey Cash-Flow Investment Property. - that’s where to subscribe to our free newsletter, receive turnkey real estate webinar opportunities, and see all Events.

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