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#71: Chartered financial analyst, author, and speaker with an MBA in finance, Daniel Amerman discusses causes of a financial crisis.

As a former real estate investing analyst, he relates today’s macroeconomy to real estate investors.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:55  Why Keith is a student along with you today.

03:28  Enhancing your podcast listening experience - compressed file size, time stamps.

05:33  Daniel Amerman interview begins.

07:08  The economic challenges in today’s environment.

08:04  Financial Repression is government dominance over markets.

11:31  Ways our government gets rid of its massive debt: default, austerity, high inflation, or low interest rates.

14:47  Inflation is still punishing savers.

17:27  Why can’t the U.S. just keep running up even more debt?

21:23  Daniel Amerman’s thoughts on how Keith secures loans.

23:48  What’s coming - inflation or deflation?

30:18  Would deflation lead to a housing crash?

33:07  Will the Fed “save the day” if we tip into deflation?

37:25  Triggers of a housing crash - what to look for.

39:50  How to profit yourself by aligning your interests with government policy.

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