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#88: Learn how to predict real estate prices by looking at the direction of supply & demand, available land, migration patterns, financing and more. Fascinating!

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:26  Why Keith is happy that he sold all his stocks two years ago - even though they’re 8% higher now.

05:47  The FIVE ways that real estate pays you simultaneously.

10:06  Most RE investors “get rich in a niche.” David is a generalist.

11:48  Many cash flow RE investors actually get more profit from appreciation.

14:40  Price vs. Value.

16:43  Land.

20:35  Supply, Demand, and Capacity To Pay.

27:15  Market cycles.

35:15  The “U-Haul Factor.”

36:35  Financing’s role in predicting RE prices.

45:02  Inflation vs. Deflation.


Resources Mentioned:

Hassle-Free Cashflow Investing

Corporate Direct

Norada Real Estate

Mid South Home Buyers

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