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#105: Texas is a job creation juggernaut. Companies are being lured to Texas at a staggering rate by a business-friendly environment, low labor costs, and tax incentives.

Texas is where you have some of the fastest-growing, most economically stable markets in the nation.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:29  Turnkey real estate investing defined.

04:44  Win-wins.

05:16  Why turnkey RE is not too good to be true.

09:30  A “Tenant Inspection Report.”

11:34  Carl Dean interview begins.

13:39  Carl moved to Texas because that’s where the jobs and better properties are.

15:05  Is the Texas RE market overheating?

18:02  Medical, financial sectors. More than just oil.

20:19  Migration into Texas.

21:53  Property taxes.

24:03  Price sweet spot of $140K-$250K. Rent-to-value ratios.

25:15  Lease duration and 5% rent increases each year.

29:40  Plano and Frisco often have price points that exceed the cash flow “sweet spot.” Fort Worth and south Dallas areas are generally better.

32:18  3 Bed / 2 Bath single-family homes are the minimum size criterion.

35:07  Exit strategy.

37:58  A “cheap” property isn’t enough for an investor.

38:50  Placing the right tenant. Minimum $1,200 rent amount.

41:04  How does Carl find his inventory?

45:17  Cash flow in Texas vs. other markets.


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