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#119: Harry Dent is our guest today. He’s among the world’s best-known financial prognosticators. Does Harry still think the Dow Jones will fall to 6,000 points this year?

Dent answers questions most won’t: Where are real estate prices headed? Oil? Interest rates? Stock market? Inflation vs. Deflation? Gold? GDP growth?

Author, Economist, Demographer Harry Dent’s latest book, released this month, is called “The Sale Of A Lifetime: How The Bubble Burst Of 2017 Can Make You Rich”.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:28  Harry Dent likes making predictions. People listen because the depth of his research is so extensive.

05:16  Harry believes the stock market will trend up until the summer, then a potential crash begins.

10:30  Growth that the U.S. experienced in prior decades won’t return due to demographics.

12:53  Stock market bubble catalysts / indicators: Demographics, Trump, bonds.

15:30  How China’s overbuilt infrastructure affects you & the world.

19:42  Can Trump control demographics?

24:00  Dent: Why interest rates are headed up, then going lower than ever.

28:15  Which real estate will falter? Which will do well?

30:57  Dent: Mortgage interest rates will peak this year at 4% to 4.5%, bottoming around 2020.

33:07  Dent: In a downturn, positive cash-flowing residential real estate looks great.

33:53  Dent: Oil prices won’t go over $62. Could fall to $20-$30 again.

35:45  Dent: Deflation more likely than inflation. 5-10% inflation is impossible. Gold comments.

39:05  What can you do to position yourself  for prosperity?

44:30  Your demography is your destiny.


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