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#132: Create wealth and time for yourself with these ideas, websites, apps, secrets, and shortcuts.

Get a 51% ROI from turnkey real estate investing. How? Example given.

Seth Williams of Bigger Pockets and the Lighter Side Of Real Estate joins us. Learn more about Seth at  

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:52  Achieve a 51% ROI from turnkey real estate investing with: appreciation, cash flow, tenant principal paydown, tax depreciation, and inflation-hedging.

07:26  Risks.

09:34 - Turnkey cash flowing property in investor-advantaged markets.

12:42 - Aggregating neighborhood data like crime, school district.

16:45  Overcast podcast listening app.

19:30 - Send video e-mails.    

22:00 - Access to legal documents, contracts, real estate agreements. Convenient Q & A format completes documents for you.

23:28 - Free self-property management platform.

25:38 - User-friendly website builder for real estate investors.

27:14 - Free high-quality, rich images. Royalty-free and legal for your use.

29:00 - User-friendly website builder for real estate investors.

29:14  The importance of having a real estate investor website.

31:12 - Accept real estate payments through credit cards.

33:30 - Cloud-based project management. Communicate with your team.

35:18 - Productivity app that lets you conveniently insert boilerplate phrases. This way, you don’t need to type the same thing over-and-over.

37:34 - Create shared cloud-based checklists.

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