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#138: You’ve run out of money to buy real estate. What do you do now? You pool other people’s money for the down payment through a process called real estate syndication. Learn how.

Urban real estate investing involves: exploiting geographic class segregation, “moving the gentrification line”, rent control, and public transit proximity.

Today’s guest, Victor Menasce, is an Ottawa, Canada-based real estate syndicator. He’s an expert at teaching you how to raise capital from others for real estate deals in his book, Magnetic Capital.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn: 

00:48  How can “real estate syndication” make you wealthy?

03:59  Investing in the U.S. vs. Canada: the biggest difference.

05:28  Urban investing: “Buy on the line. Move the line.”

07:48  Infill development.

09:22  New construction and low inventory.

10:18  Example on a buy-and-hold million dollar building.

13:07  Urban areas: higher appreciation risk and reward?

17:31  Leading indicators of up-and-coming areas.

19:58  Rent control discussion.

24:33  Raising capital from others.

29:26  Establishing trust, track record, compelling opportunity, alignment.

34:53  “Borrow” someone else’s track record.

40:19  Give yourself a promotion.

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