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#204: Your real estate ROI could be a billion dollars.

Even if your property never appreciates nor pays you the other four ways, I discuss a little-considered way where you’re STILL profiting.

Real estate price and value are different.

“Return ON Equity” vs. “Return FROM Equity” discussed.

Are you leveraging appreciation or leveraging inflation?

Inflation assists leveraged real estate investors 3 ways: asset inflation, debt debasement, and higher cash flows.

Real estate flipping vs. investing is discussed with Matt Theriault.

Matt and I discuss the mindsets around passive income vs. active income.

The importance of markets and teams.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:13 Your ROI.

03:54 If your property never appreciates or pays you, here’s how you profit.

07:08 Leveraging inflation, not appreciation.

13:10 Cleveland cash-flowing property.

15:33 Matt Theriault joins us.

22:25 Retirement. Piles vs. streams of income.

29:12 Flipping vs. Investing.

31:08 Markets and teams.

35:42 You must act.

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