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#214: One U.S. real estate market is experiencing 6-9% appreciation, cash flow, rapid population growth, low housing prices, low property taxes, and zero state income tax.

I visited the market earlier this year. In fact, I just bought two properties from them myself here.

This area also has a low unemployment rate, proximity to great beaches, and pro-landlord law.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:30 Summary of New Orleans Investment Conference.

04:23 Mark Skousen’s dividend-paying stock picks: MAIN, OHI, EPD, MSFT.

05:29 California’s defeated rent control measure.

08:14 Amazon will name two new HQ locations.

11:39 Tampa market discussed.

15:26 Hurricane insurance. Properties located inland, not in flood zones.

19:40 Finding the “sweet spot”.

24:21 Typical: 3 BR, 2BA, 1-car garage, backyard, 1,200-1,500 sf. Rent $1,100. Price $120K-$150K.

25:05 Management.

29:22 Timing of buying income property now. Learn more at

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