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#219: Earthquakes ravaged my property. I’m 100% uninsured.

Why don’t I have earthquake insurance?

There’s a big lesson in this for you no matter where you live… and it’s not what you think.

You take great risk if you don’t invest in multiple real estate markets.

First, I answer your listener questions:

“Should my first property be an owner-occupied four-plex or a turnkey SFH?”

“If you could start over again in real estate, what would you do differently?”

A character named “Scarce Skip” is born.

Early next year, Jim Rogers, Robert Kiyosaki, and Garrett Gunderson are scheduled to be on the show.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:37 Should my first property be an owner-occupied four-plex or turnkey SFH?

12:50 If you could start over in real estate, what would you do differently?

16:14 Telling me I “got lucky” by starting with a four-plex.

19:48 “Scarce Skip” is born.

21:38 Earthquakes ravaged my psyche and property.

35:09 Five key lessons.

36:16 Seismic engineering and construction.

Resources mentioned:

2018 Anchorage Earthquake

1964 Great Alaska Earthquake

Mortgage Loans:

Cash Flow Banking:

Turnkey RE:


Find Properties:

GRE Book:


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