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#220: Financially-free vs. debt-free. Pick a side.

In this interview and debate, I’m on the financially-free side.

Two podcast hosts are on the debt-free side.

Financially-free means doing what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Debt-free means that you don’t owe anyone anything.

Can’t you just pick both?

Well, being on the debt-free side often means taking a step away from financially-free.

Host Seth Williams and co-host Jaren Barnes run and the REtipster Podcast.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

03:42 Example on why home equity is unsafe, illiquid, and ROI-zero.

05:30 Interview begins.

08:15 Average of the five.

10:02 Wealthy | Middle Class | Poor

12:46 Stop looking at property.

22:50 Is today a good time to buy real estate?

28:29 Financially-free vs. debt-free.

50:35 Reasons to avoid leverage.

52:58 Rising HELOC rates.

54:21 Long-term commitments.

58:27 “The Godfather Of Real Estate”, Bob Helms, and friend John Collins on debt.

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