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#221: You will be impacted. Learn the latest in rent increases, interest rates, affordability, inflation, asset values, tariffs, institutional money in real estate, the “Build-To-Rent” trend.

Learn why large companies raise rents faster than “mom-and-pop” investors like you.

Russell Gray of The Real Estate Guys and I share what we discovered at prominent conferences this month.

He co-hosts the amazing Investor Summit At Sea. I’ve attended this unique, world-class real estate investing event.

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It could be the best investment that you make in 2019.


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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

02:22 Tariffs effect on you.

05:48 Affordability.

09:05 Interest rates, inflation.

12:55 Small, but higher yields on savings accounts, CDs.

18:12 Institutional investors’ impact on you.

26:55 The “Build-To-Rent” trend in SFHs.

28:55 Buy vs. Rent your primary residence.

30:18 The special and transformative Investor Summit At Sea.

35:43 You could sit at a small table with Robert Kiyosaki.

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Investor Summit At Sea

Mortgage Loans:

Cash Flow Banking:

Turnkey RE:


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