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#225: Learn what manager fees you should pay & not pay.

The “glue” that binds you & your profitable property together is your Property Manager (PM).

Higher PM fees might be better or worse for you - it depends on what duties they perform.

You pay both a Management Fee and a Leasing Fee.

If there’s an activity that you DON’T want to do with your property, then make sure your PM will do it as stated in your Management Agreement.

What should Managers DO? Collect rent, find tenants, market vacant property, perform maintenance, pay bills, handle emergencies.

What DON’T Managers do? Sell or refinance a property for you.

What falls in between? Extensive renovations, evictions, regular maintenance inspections.

We discuss Property Management Agreements.

GRE-Houston is perhaps the best investment market we’ve never discussed before.

As America’s 4th-largest city, Houston has good rent-to-value ratios, low property prices, a vast economy, stunning growth, and laws benefit landlords over tenants.

The Houston provider has BRAND NEW construction SFRs and duplexes for you.


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