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Compound interest doesn't work in real life.

5% is the average mutual fund investor return, though the S&P returned 10%.

This is for the twenty years ending in 2015 (Source: Dalbar). This is even before taxes and inflation!

Why are 401(k)s failing people? Inflation, emotion, taxes, fees, and volatility.

Emotions make humans sell high and buy low - a recipe for disaster. I discuss how cash flow helps you remove emotion.

Garrett Gunderson of Wealth Factory joins us.

Financially-free people prioritize this way: value, cost, then price.

Economic independence has five levers:

  • Recover cash
  • Engineer wealth
  • Accelerate investment income
  • Scale business revenue
  • Treat yourself as the greatest asset

Behavioral finance is where investing meets emotion.

Facts don’t change people’s minds. I discuss what does.

“Facts are stubborn things. But our minds are even more stubborn.” -John Adams


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