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Will your property lose value now that Amazon is selling homes for under $20K?

Pre-fabricated homes and 3-D printed homes often have major limitations and livability problems.

All homes have materials cost, labor cost, and the cost of the underlying land.

Mortgage interest rates just hit a 21-month low. Home prices are expected to rise 4% over the next year.


Guest Dave Zook discusses the opportunity to invest in ATMs.

U.S. cash use is increasing at 5% annually.

Many ATM users pay $2 - $3 to access $20 or $40. There’s a profitable opportunity for you to invest in ATMs. Learn more here.

24.5% is your projected CCR on a lot of seven ATMs.

Terms discussed: pre-fabricated home, 3-D home, cash call, accredited investor.

If you’re an accredited investor, learn more about ATM investing at


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