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Turnkey RE providers must acquire distressed property at a discount in order to stay in business.

We go behind-the-scenes and see how these companies really operate.

They take risks, maintain relationships with myriad parties, coordinate contractors, bear holding costs, buy & store materials, screen & place tenants, and operate a management division.

It’s a ton of work that investors can outsource to turnkey providers. They are professional fix & flippers. 

The “consumer-profit chain” helps you understand this.

Dani Lynn Robison of Freedom Real Estate Group near Dayton, Ohio offers private lenders like you 8-10% cash-on-cash returns at

The funds are used to purchase and rehabilitate distressed property. They’re transformed into turnkey property.

Your loan collateral is tied to a specific address. A note and mortgage is produced. You have first lien position.

This provider has performed 300+ fix-and-flips since 2015.

Get the report and connect with the provider for predictable 8-10% cash returns for four to twelve month terms at:  

Minimum investment amount is $50K. You DON’T need to be an accredited investor.

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