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Will home prices stop rising soon? No. I tell you why. It’s my prediction.

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Four reasons home prices will keep rising in the short and intermediate-term are:

  1. Undersupply. America is already undersupplied 2.5 - 3.3 million housing units.
  2. Pent-up demand. More 18-29 year-olds live with their parents now at any time since The 1930s Great Depression. When they get jobs & move out, pent-up housing demand will be released.
  3. Homebuilder roadblocks. The top factor is wildly elevated lumber costs that has made some builders stop building.
  4. Population growth. America grows at 4,800 people every day, nearly 2 million annually.

Many Americans have been suffering from a lapse in federal pandemic stimulus relief. Hear a Nancy Pelosi clip about this.

I discuss hands-on ways to improve your properties’ appeal: paint, flooring blemishes, light fixtures, cabinets, vanities, front door.

GRE’s own Aundrea Newbern joins us. Learn about finding properties and tenants with guaranteed rent income.

You can find these properties and tenants at:

Concerns about the HUD Section 8 Program are: you must screen tenants harder, property inspections from the HUD case manager. 

Section 8 tenants have more motivation to pay rent because they don’t want to lose their housing voucher. They have longer tenancies and are less demanding during tenancies.

If you’re pre-qualified for a mortgage loan and want investment property with guaranteed rent income, start at:

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