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Now you have to earn your money twice. The first time is when you work for it, the second time is when you must invest it to beat inflation. My explainer on why higher interest rates slow inflation.

“Inflation is legalized counterfeiting. Counterfeiting is criminalized inflation.” -Robert Breedlove

When wages don’t keep pace with inflation, I explain why it destroys families.

We compare short-term (STR) and long-term rental (LTR) property in southwest Florida. Get started with buying properties yourself at:

Of course, Florida is an in-migration hotbed. Home price appreciation and rents are both 10%-20%+ year-over-year.

Today’s LTR tenants seek: infill lots, more square footage, an extra bedroom / den, and grocery store proximity.  

STR tenants want a pool. You really make your money November through April.

LTRs have more recession resistance than STRs. LTRs have more predictable, year-round income.

STRs often have $4,000-$5,000 a week of rent income. They have a 20% management fee. You can charge the tenants a cleaning fee. You owe utility costs and ~$100 monthly yard maintenance. 

Single-family rental properties are 1,500-1,900 sf on a ¼ acre lot, LVP flooring, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, 9’4” ceilings, and concrete block exterior walls.

Pricing is in the low $300Ks to low $400Ks. Long-term rents are $2,000-$2,400 / month.

To get started with buying single-family homes and duplexes (long-term and short-term rentals) in southwest Florida, start at: 

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