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Will you be banned as a real estate investor? Some jurisdictions consider adopting this stance to keep soaring prices in check.

Some workers cannot afford to return to the office. If they leave home, they would have new expenses for gasoline, meals, parking and the big one—child care.

Of the “5 Ways Real Estate Pays”, historically: three are now high, one is low, and one is the same.

Caeli Ridge joins us. She’s the President of Ridge Lending Group. They specialize in income property loans.

Despite higher mortgage interest rates, investor-centric mortgage companies like Ridge haven’t seen much decline in business. Learn why.

Their “All-In-One Loan” can reduce the amount of property interest that you pay over time. It’s a 30-year line of credit with high flexibility.

Use Ridge’s All-In-One Loan Simulator to see if you save:

We discuss interest-only loans (which I like) and negatively amortizing loans. The latter got borrowers in trouble during the Global Financial Crisis; LTVs were as high as 115%.

Interest rate lock periods are up to 90 days at Ridge.

Investing out-of-state is easy. A mobile notary comes to your home, office, or even on vacation at a resort.

Ridge helps you sequence your investor loans, taking a long-term, holistic approach to your financial freedom.

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