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You often relate to other people when you show yourself as vulnerable and fallible. In many contexts, this is even better than acting professionally.

Today’s guest, “Miracle Morning” author Hal Elrod, tells us that people spend too much effort trying to impress others.

When you give the most, it’s liberating.

“You SHOULD care about what others think of you. That’s your reputation.” -Keith Weinhold

Once, Hal e-mailed friends, ex-girlfriends and colleagues to seek criticism about himself. That feedback hurt.

Everyone wants change, but no one wants to change.

Generosity, selflessness, and contribution foster meaningful relationships.

I share that viewers were recently critical of my YouTube video. Hal admits that he believes that he’s not a great listener.

Hal strives to add value to every single person that he meets.

Aundrea Newbern, GRE Operations Lead, joins us for milestone Episode 400. 

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Partial transcript:

Welcome to GRE! I’m your host, Keith Weinhold. Being a person of value and building lasting relationships often comes down to self disinterest, empathy, and connection. You’re going to build not just your wealth mindset, but your skillset.


It’s milestone Episode 400, today, on Get Rich Education!


Welcome to GRE! From Cherry Hill, NJ to Cherry Springs Dark Skies Park, PA and across 188 nations worldwide, you’re listening to one of America’s longest-running and most-listened to shows on real estate investing. 


That’s our major so to speak… with minors in economics and wealth mindset. I’m your host, Keith Weinhold. You probably know that after 400 episodes. 


Today’s guest doesn’t often do podcast conversations like this. But GRE’s Operations Lead, Aundrea introduced me to “Miracle Morning” author Hal Elrod last year. 


So Hal is standing by, and then, a bonus, as Aundrea joins me near the end of the show today as well.


Yeah, so here on milestone Episode 400, there aren’t any balloons falling out of the sky or anything. It’s an opportunity to expand your thoughts & mindset & skillset in a different direction that should benefit you both within real estate investing & your broader life outside of it - from relationships with your real estate agent to your spouse.


In human relations, more than ever, people relate more to you as a vulnerable and even fallible person than they do as one that acts strictly like a professional in a lot of circumstances.


The best way to show others in a business relationship (that you don’t know very well) that you’re a real human being & that loosens up both of you & make you laugh is when you go out of your way to point out that when you left home this morning… you’ve got mismatched socks on… and you make some joke about it… something innocuous yet relatable like that.


Then there’s handling ego and criticism in a way that makes you endearing and empathetic. 


And by the way, the definition of empathy is “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person.”


Now, we get overwhelmingly positive feedback and comments about the show here… and I am grateful to you for that, whether it’s through Apple Podcasts reviews, or where you can always reach out if you’ve got a question or concern or suggestion at… or increasingly, we get more & more comments from you on our Get Rich Education YouTube Channel.


There is a rather robust comments section there…


… and there’s one popular video that we have over there. It has more than 100,000 views and a lot of “Likes” and “Comments”. And I was rather criticized for how I handled this video - it was an interview. 


Now, it was the type of video that crossed over, it didn’t bring in our usual real estate investor crowd. It was kind of a hybrid crowd of geography & real estate.


And, again, we get overwhelmingly positive feedback here. But the nice remarks aren’t where you get the lessons, so… I got dozens of critical comments on this video… and these commenters were clearly critical of the way that I handled the interview. It wasn’t the guest.


Comments were rather disparate. Some said that I brought no value to that interview - I was the host with a fairly prominent guest. Others said that I talked too much, some said I talked too little, it just seemed like I couldn’t do anything right with that crowd.


Now, one way that I could have handled it is set a policy here that any negative comments have to be deleted. We could have just deleted them all.


Well, I don’t want to do that. You can disagree. In fact, some say that a disagreement is actually the start of a great conversation.


We could go in there & reply and tell the commenter that they’re being dumb or say something else disparaging.


Here’s how I handled it once I learned about this. I went into the YouTube comments myself, read a bunch of the criticism, and made individual responses to a bunch of them. My response was something like:


Hey, thanks for the feedback. Others seem to take exception to this material too. It is probably in my best interest to read all of these comments, see what I can learn from this, and I’ve got to do better next time. I have clearly disappointed a lot of people.


That was my response. Something like that.


Well, what did that do… it appeared to engender… empathy, really. Some of the detracting commenters then came back to me & said, “Aw, you know, that wasn’t so bad. I don’t think there’s much that you need to change. I still learned a lot from your video.”


See, when I showed the world that I’m listening and that I’m a fallible human being, just like we all are, sometimes it makes the critic come back and sort of repent or even reconsider.  


Next week, here on the show, “International Man” Doug Casey & I are going to discuss economics and what he thinks the prospects of entering what he calls “The Greater Depression” are.


Today, Hal Elrod & I on how you can be a person of value and build meaningful relationships…

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