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Real estate funds invest in multiple properties. 

Real estate syndications often invest in just one property.

“What is the worst deal that you’ve ever done?” Ask your fund provider that question.

I’m willing to share that I invest my personal real estate fund dollars with Flip & Dani Lynn Robison of Freedom Capital Investments.

Fund pros: More passive than turnkey, stable returns. 

Fund cons: Vet your operator.

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There are short-term funds for liquidity, and longer-term funds for higher returns.

The difference between simple and compound interest weighs in here. 

Learn what a “preferred return” is.

Fund returns of up to 10-12% are offered. Learn where your return comes from.

Fund objectives: safety, certainty, reliability, and growth. 

We’re talking about high-yield, fixed income fund.

Dani Lynn has been a part of more than 600 multifamily deals.

Learn how funds have two audit layers.

There are funds for both accredited and non-accredited investors.

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