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Get an update on how the work-from-home trend is good for residential RE and bad for office RE. 

Office space values are down 17.5% from their recent peak.

Americans must now earn at least $107,281 to afford the monthly mortgage payment on a median-priced home.

The NAR expects 10% home price appreciation this year, 1% in 2023, and 5% in 2024.

The tiny home movement is both architectural and structural. It’s defined as a home of 400 sf or less.

Tiny homes are hard to find. In the US today, just 0.3% of listed homes are tiny homes.

You can own a new-build tropical tiny home near the beach in Nicaragua for under $200K.

Our own COO, Aundrea, bought one. She tells us about it.

It’s on Nicaragua’s west coast. It’s not just an isolated tiny home experience. 

There’s a community with a: restaurant, bar, bird watching area, butterfly garden, viewing tower, yoga area, and communal garden. 

Often, loans aren’t available for foreigners. Here, you can get 50% or 80% loans.

You can live in this tropical tiny home year-round, or keep it as a short-term rental. The provider can manage your rental.

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