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101: Geography is hugely important to real estate investing, economics, demography, and geopolitics.

Peter Zeihan has a remarkable grasp on “location, location, location.”

Learn the case for why the United States is not in decline. It will continue as a global superpower.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

04:01  The case that America is positioned to continue as a financial, agricultural, and industrial superpower.

06:05  Rivers.

08:38  Urban centers.

10:00  Geography shapes cultural isolation and integration.

13:16  Diffusion of ideas and technology.

14:55  3-D printing changing the geography of distribution.

23:35  Oil and petroleum.

30:28  Inflation vs. Deflation.

33:16  Japan.

38:23  Which countries will prosper.

42:14  Can another nation be like the United States?

43:05  U.S. Midwest, Texas looks great for growth. Alabama.

45:36  Gateway cities: San Francisco, Santa Barbara, New York, Miami and Seattle.


Resources Mentioned:

The Accidental Superpower (book)


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